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Wholesale roses and flowers from Ecuador

“We are able to deliver Ecuador flowers to any part of the world. Here you can find wholesale roses at the lowest price. Flowers from Ecuador are famous for their quality all over the world. Flowers Bridge is ready to offer you a fast and easy Ecuador flower delivery.”

Flowers-Bridge has been exporting for 8 years the most beautiful Ecuador flowers all over the world.

We are located in Quito/Ecuador, one hour away from the best rose farms.

During these years we developed at great know-how in the purchase, preparation and delivery of the flower cut in order to fulfill the different requirements from one country to another: Certain countries want an open flower in bunches of 25 stems whereas others prefer a closed flower in bunches of 20 stems. Some customers want a plastic micro-pored packing while others require a paperboard sheet packing. However, there are many other differences.

We speak English and Spanish

Twice per week we visit our producers to verify the stability of the production process as well as preparation of the Ecuador flower, so that we guarantee you a very high level of quality. We are present at Quito airport so we can check all the deliveries before the departure of the flowers. We also verify all the boxes.

If we detect a problem, we put the boxes in question aside and immediately visit the grower in order to work together to improve the quality of the flowershim and avoid that flowers from Ecuador would not be produced anymore. With this methodology of working we must admit we have very few quality problems. We provide all our customers with the best wholesale roses ever

We are always interested in developing particular relations with exclusive representatives in geographic zones to be defined, in all the countries of the world. If you are interested, please, do not hesitate to contact us

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