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Wholesale vase fillers and filler paper

УWholesale vase fillers and wholesale filler paper that we offer will turn out to be the best bet in case you want to have everything you need in order to satisfy all needs of your customers. Vase fillers will make it possible to perform a complete display. In addition you will find vase fillers wholesale beneficiary for you. In case you want to find wholesale vase filler at the most reasonable price, welcome to Flowers Bridge!Ф

In case you want to satisfy all need and requirements of you clients you will surely need different vase fillers which will turn out to be the best bet in order to perform a complete display.

We offer different products and wholesale vase fillers at the lowest price. Flowers Bridge is ready to provide its customers with the wide range of goods. Wholesale filler paper is also available for all our customers. On our web site you will find all necessary information about all the fillers and summer flowers which are available at the moment. Vase filler wholesale will make it easy for you to buy different products to meet all the expectations of your clients. A wide range of options will help you to choose the most appropriate variant according to its price and your own preferences.

We provide you with wholesale vase filler of the highest quality which will turn out to be the best bets for you!

# stem /  half box
# bunch /
half box
Achilea 200   Permanent +
Adenanthus (foliage)   20 Permanent +
Anthurium Small (several colours) 100   Permanent -
Anthurium Medium (several colours) 48   Permanent -
Anthurium Large (several colours) 48   Permanent -
Anthurium XL(several colours) 36   Permanent -
Anthurium XXL (several colours) 36   Permanent -
Alstroemeria (+70cm, several colours) 180   Permanent +
Ammi Majus / Visnaga (green & white)   20 Permanent +
Aster (white, blue, pink, etc?)   20 Permanent +
Buplerum 125   Permanent -
Callas White (+70cm) 50   Permanent +
Callas Colours 40cm 200   Unstable +
Callas Colours 50cm 120   Unstable +
Callas Colours 60cm 80   Unstable +
Campanulas 150   Permanent -
Carthamus 75   Permanent -
Delphinium   20 Permanent
Eryngium 125   Permanent +
Godetia (white, pink, lilac, salmon) 200   Unstable -
Gypsophilia New Hope   8 Permanent -
Gypsophilia Perfecta 320 gr.   20 Permanent +
Gypsophilia Million Stars   12 Permanent +
Helycrisum 200   Unstable +
Hortensia   25 Unstable -
Hypericum 70cm+ (Coffee, red, pink, green, white). 200   Permanent +
Iris blue 300   Unstable +
Larkspur   20 Permanent +
Leather Leaf XXL 200   Permanent +
Liatris 60cm+ 200 to 300   Permanent +
Limonium 70cm+ (several colours)   20 Permanent +
Lily Asiatic (several colours & blooms) 100/120/140   Permanent +
Lily Oriental (several colours & blooms) 80 / 100   Permanent +
Mini Gerbera (several colours) 200   Permanent -
Mini Carnations Select (several colours) 250   Permanent +
Molucella (foliage)   20 Permanent +
Carnations Select (several colours) 350   Permanent +
Phlox   20 Permanent
Photinia (foliage)   20 Permanent +
Pompom / Chrysanthemum (several colours)   23 Permanent -
Safari (foliage)   20 Permanent +
Scabiosa 200   Permanent
Snapdragon   20 Permanent -
Solidago 60cm+ 200   Permanent +
Spray Roses 40, 50 et 60cm, several colours. 160   Permanent +
Statice (several colours)   20 Permanent +
Stock 140   Permanent
Sunflower (H?lianthus / Girasol)   20 Permanent
Trachelium 200   Permanent -
Tree Fern 200/250   Permanent +
Veronica 200   Unstable +
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